Gróf Zichy Szekszárdi Merlot 2017
The lightly inclining Farkasd fields of Bátaszék host the nicest Merlot plantation of the Twickel Wine Estate. A strictly limited production is followed by a relatively late harvest in the middle of October. The wine fermented to a complete dryness is mostly matured in barriques and less in barrels. Maturing in barriques highlights the high tannin content and leathery alcoholic taste, while the barrel preserves its fruitiness. Its deep Bordeaux red colour is paired with aroma dominated by raisins, Turkish honey and rosehip, followed by a final aroma of flap mushroom. Its flavour combines dried apricots, hazelnut and thyme with a medium finish.
2 017
Red wine
Alcohol by Volume ABV
14.5 % vol
Filling quantity
750 ml
4 150 Ft
Unit price: 24 910 Ft/box
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